We analyze every available legal alternative.

Willingham, Fultz & Cougill is a firm truly committed to working both with and for you. We work to assure time and monetary constraints are met, and work with clients to keep them informed at every step. We work with clients to understand what their priorities are with each and every issue we handle. We know it is through hard work and strong relationships that we are able to find the right strategy for you. Our firm is deeply rooted in a core set of values, and by consistently demonstrating good judgment and common sense, we are able to deliver on our firm mission and clearly comprehend what’s best for you.

Working to merge technology with history, experience and common sense.

To best understand and aid our mass tort clients, we have designed a proprietary database that is now comprised of more than 400,000 plaintiffs. An invaluable resource for our attorneys and clients alike, the database has evolved into a virtual encyclopedia with instant access to critical information. We have refined the database into a tool that can manipulate data into reports customized for each client and tailored to suit the specific needs of the moment. We use this historical data to forecast everything from settlement values to possible jury verdicts.

Additionally, we are committed to streamlining the legal process by keeping up to date on legal news and rulings that affect our clients and their businesses. We regularly delve into our electronic library of expert opinions and witness testimony, as well as our electronic library of articles and treatises. All of these resources give us substantive information to better represent and advise clients in each situation.